Walking through cat exhibitions, I always dreamed of being on the other side of the cages, envying the breeders of their well-groomed, magnificent hairy creatures.

Pure Posh*PL

Welcome to the website of my Siberian cats cattery, which belongs to Cat Club Pomerania Szczecin acting under the patronage of Felis Polonia (FPL), the member of FIFE.

All our cats are members of the family, they freely run around the house, have frequent contact with people, they are loved and pampered and that is why they so eagerly do the same for us. It doesn’t mean though, that the cats do what they want. They behave properly and fully respect binding rules. This is the reason why we do intent that cats from our cattery, learned good manners and wonderfully socialized with people, would go to responsible and loving owners and would have at least the same or even better standard of living.

If you decide to buy a kitten from the cattery Pure Posh*PL, I can assure you, that you will get a healthy, trustful and talkative friend, which will assist you in all daily activities. You will never regret your choice and if you once get into relations with Siberian, then your heart will stay by him forever.

Marlena Kępińska