szczecińska hodowla syberyjskich kotów
hodowla syberyjskich kotów
  Holidays under palms...

  I don't disturb you at all, do I?

  When dream catches you in the least proper moment...

  A cat or a monkey?

  Who wants a cat in the bag?

  We don't need a mouse.


  „Mercy,open!”,that is catty body on the door:)))

  Afternoon nap of five :)

  Climbing lessons,not necessarily on a cat tree ;)

  „Sausage” position?

  Nearly like a cat bed ;)

  Sweet dreams in a slipper...

  Take yourself a photo , from front or from behind,I don't care...

  Catty supplement of an artistic disorder...

  Catty bunch...

  Got you!

  Washing has to wait!

  Lazy brothers.

   So little and so angry yet...

  Flower or not anymore?

  The more the merrier:)

  Evening observations.

  How many cats can you squeeze on your laps?

  The best cure for migrene :)

Pepa's hunt for the palm.

Brandy and the broom.