Grand International Champion ELENA Perła Gór*PL

Grand International Champion ELENA Perła Gór*PL


Elena kotka syberyjska
SIB n 23 (black mackerel tabby)
kocur syberyjski Akim
SIB n 09 24 (black with white, spotted)

genetic code: A_ BB C_ dd ii oo Ss T_ ww
date of birth: 16.03.10
colour: SIB a 09 23 (blue with white, mackerel tabby)
FeLV(-), FIV(-)


Elenka, that is our Silver, came to us accidentally, all the way from Szczyrk. This catkin is a huge glutton, she tries everything what can only be eaten and her favourite fruit is melon! I have to mention, that she is also able to eat a half of banana at once. She is very emotional, although usually not disinterestedly. If she only wants something , she nuzzles up looking deeply into somebody’s eyes and talks. Silver, as a cat, is generally very talkative. Her favourite form of contact is ‘billing’. 


Date Place Judge Class Note
18.09.2010 Bydgoszcz B. Nemcowa (CZ) 11 EX 1
29.01.2011 Legionowo R. Voehringer (CH) 9 EX 1,CAC
30.01.2011 Legionowo L. Fanelli (IT) 9 EX 1,CAC
26.03.2011 Usti nad Łabą A.di Chio(IT) 9 EX 2
27.03.2011 Usti nad Łabą M.Kabina (CZ) 9 EX 1,CAC
24.03.2012 Usti nad Łabą M.Kabina (CZ) 7 EX 1,CACIB
25.03.2012 Usti nad Łabą D.Tarabini (CZ) 7 EX 1,CACIB
28.04.2012 Szczecin I. Pruchniak (PL) 7 EX 1,CACIB
29.04.2012 Szczecin M. Kabina (CZ) 5 EX 1,CAGCIB
10.11.2012 Gorzów Wlkp. N. Pahl (IL) 5 EX 1, CAGCIB
11.11.2012 Gorzów Wlkp. H. Hornell (SE) 5 EX 1, CAGCIB
15.12.2012 Glinde E. Reijers (CZ) 5 EX 1, CAGCIB
20.04.2013 Goleniów A.Sjodin(SE) 5 EX 1, CAGCIB
21.04.2013 Goleniów H.Reiter(DE) 5 EX 1, CAGCIB
10.11.2013 Poznań A. Wittich (CH) 5 EX 1, CAGCIB
17.01.2014 Warszawa S. Ivankova (SK) 5 EX 1, CAGCIB